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San Pedro de Atacama


It is a little town located in the tableland of the second region of the country.

In this place are located some the highest peaks of the Andes Mountain.

It has a population of 2.500 inhabitants approximately.

San Pedro is considerated the archeological capital of the country and due to its privileged geographical environment surroundings by landscapes, with singular beauty and the deep blue color of its heavens, which are brighten all time.

The main economic activity is based in the tourism and the agriculture.

San Pedro has a great variety of services for its tourists which visit the town year by year, among them emphasize Hotels from 2 to 5 stars, restaurants and pubs, handicrafts, call centers, hospital and police.

San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most visited cultural attractive of the country and it is prefer by millions of tourists around the world, which give it a cosmopolitan characteristic.

San Pedro de Atacama is located 6,600 fts above sea level. The town is the center of the Indian culture of Atacama, whom lived the desert a long time ago. The Padre Le Peige museum has about 4,000 rakes, innumerable mummies, weapons and pottery in exposition.

The North of Chile is full of exotic landscapes, colors and history. The tableland rest joined to the frontiers of Peru and Bolivia. Here you will find the history of old civilizations with mummies with 4 thousand years old, natural wonderful and exciting landscapes.

Atacama has been a strong rich source of nitrate and cooper. The main Chilean exportation in the XIX century was the nitrate, which came from the Atacama mines. At the beginning of XX century, when the synthetic nitrate began to be produced, the Atacama Desert became to responsible for the main and actual exportation of cooper. The cooper is extract in this place of the country, lies near to the frontier with Argentina.

It is possible to find a wonderful native culture that lived in this dry zone. It counts with a rich history and geography with hug natural stage, the majesty show which covers the volcanoes and its lakes are only the beginning of a great and unforgettable tourism adventure.