Toconao and Atacama Salt lake

Toconao and Atacama Salt lake Toconao and Atacama Salt lake

Observe the great wonder that Atacama salt offers, enormous lake inserted in the heat of desert next to its three unique flamingoes species of the zone and the small and singular town of Toconao with its typical crafts.

To the south of San Pedro is the access to the center of the impressive Atacama Salt. During the route is possible to photograph and appreciate the view of Licancabur and Lascar volcanoe among other attractiveness with singular beauty, following by the same route is the town of Toconao and continuous until the salt, it finishes in the Chaxa lagoon which is inhabited by three kinds of flamingoes and a great number of migratory birds.

The Atacama salt, that occupies an extension of 100 kilometers length by 80 of wide. The salt is product of the underground water outcrop that, saturated of salts, evaporates leaving to rich scabs in salt and minerals. The rivers fed by the Andean snows, attend the area allowing the configuration of multiple oasis. This it is the scene where the atacameñan culture was developed.

The air is extraordinarily dry here, which gives it a perfect transparency. That at first is easy to see the other extreme of the salt, about 70 kilometers. This same clarity, nevertheless, makes difficult to judge the distances.

Under the salt there is a lake, hidden by a thick and rough scab of "tiznada" salt with the dust of the desert, that contains one of the greater lithium reserves in the world, a mineral used in some high technology industries and that operated in the South sector of the salt.


Colonial town completely build with liparitas stone of volcanic origin and reknown for its interesting craftmanship objects of the same material. The word "Toconao" comes from the cunzo "toco" that means "stone".

Located near the Andes, al 2.500 meters above sea lever. The main source of work of its inhabitants is based in the agricultural and artisan activities that are made in the volcanic stone quarry, creating retorts of Torre Campanario (Bell Tower) of the town's church. It is also known for its alleys of the orchards and in the surroundings, the Quebrada de Jeréz, with those giant and peculiar petrogliphs.

The Toconao oasis, is known by its imposing bell in the tower and its streets with small factories crafts. The imposing Atacama salt, an enormous lake hidden under a heavy white mantle of salt is observed. It is located in the center of the most barren desert in the world. Many salty fields of salt and lakes are abundant in this place. It is well known by its strong winds due to the proximity with the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range.